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Sat, Apr 13, 2019 09:00AM EDT
Lot 85

Marlin Ballard Jersey City Pope rifle

Estimate: $3,000 - $5,000

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Price Bid Increment
$0 $25
$500 $50
$1,000 $100
$2,000 $200
$5,000 $500
$10,000 $1,000
$20,000 $2,000
$50,000 $5,000
$100,000 $10,000
$200,000 $20,000
$500,000 $50,000
Marlin Ballard Jersey City Pope falling block rifle, .32-40 caliber, with foliate scroll engraved receiver, checkered walnut pistol grip stock, having a raised cheek rest, Schuetzen Swiss style steel butt plate, palm rest, four finger Pope lever with set triggers, and Vernier rear tang sight, globe front sight, fitted with an 8-X scope, together with a brass lubricated tool, false muzzle and bullet starter, 30 1/2" octagonal barrel. SN #5877 Provenance: The Firearms & Militaria Collection of Robert Spangler Jr., West Chester, Pennsylvania.


Excellent overall condition. Retains 98% blue on barrel. Strong case color on receiver and hammer. Very good stocks. Peppery bore with strong rifling. False muzzle is rifled, stamped 204. Bullet starter stamped R. Jahn. Pope number: 204/18.5/15/11.5/(7/8/10)/H.M.Pope on the bottom of the barrel. Nothing is stamped on the top of the barrel. The one small hole that is tapped in filled with a flush screw. Ballard frame serial number 5877, but other than the Pope number, no other marks or numbers on barrel.