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The Collection of Mr. & Mrs. Paul Flack by Pook & Pook Inc

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Realized Total: 1,254,739, 99% sold, 413 lots. It is with great pleasure that we at Pook & Pook, Inc. have the privilege to represent Paul and Rita Flack in the sale of significant Pennsylvania art and antiques from their personal collection. With Paul’s impeccable eye, knowledge, and patience, not one, but several collections have been formed over the years. People ask me “How does he do it?”. First – Paul didn’t exactly start yesterday – he has spent more decades than most advanced and sophisticated collectors could ever imagine. Longevity coupled with the aforementioned qualities have allowed Paul the luxury of being acquainted with many, many local families and collectors, who, rather than call a dealer, remember that Paul had made them or their parents a generous offer and once again Paul acquires another Pennsylvania German prize for his collection. But Paul and Rita are not just about acquiring, they get immense enjoyment from sharing their knowledge with others. Over the years they have generously lent, lectured, and published numerous times on Pennsylvania slip decorated pottery, fraktur drawings, and quilts. I know of no other couple who has been so devoted to sharing their passion. Whenever Paul says, “Look what I just got!”, with that sparkle in his eye, you know you are about to see a real treasure! -Ron & Debbie Pook

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