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The Collection of George & Mae Crittenton, Pompano Beach, Florida by Pook & Pook Inc

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The Collection of George & Mae Crittenton, Pompano Beach, Florida. Held in Downingtown, PA. 15%bp (10%>100,000). Some of my earliest memories of my parents, George and Mae Crittenton, were that they shared an interest and a love for antiques. Collecting was always more than a hobby for my parents, it was an integral part of their lives. It was their recreation, social life, and their major financial investment. I believe they began by buying what they liked and, as a young couple, what they could afford. As their knowledge increased and their taste was refined, they became more discriminating and subsequently collected more for historical and monetary value. They devoted a lot of time to research and study. They gradually acquired enough knowledge to lecture locally. Mother's area was clocks and Dad's was chairs. My Father theorized that the changes in chair styles from stiff colonial chairs to the soft luxurious modern ones reflected not only the evolution of the chair, but also the changing character of the people in them. I believe that the collecting of antiques had a profound effect on our family life. My younger sister, Noni, and I were taught to appreciate and respect possessions, which in turn led to good manners, good behavior, and respect for other people's property. We learned also to pitch in and assist with joint family projects and we gained information about history. From my early childhood I accompanied them on weekends to house sales, antique shops, and antique shows near where we lived searching for early American furniture and the items that they could afford. Although this began and continuted mostly near the Chicago area, we also lived briefly in Indiana and Connecticut, and then finally Florida. Wherever they were, they always pursued this passion.

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